Our new COO: Sam Irvine

4 Apr


We have invested heavily in our design-led practice over the last couple of years, and experienced rapid growth as our services are integrated across the studios. Our business has now reached the point at which we need to re-consider how we structure and manage the studios. As part of this we are growing the remit of our Senior Management Team and introducing the new position of Chief Operating Officer (COO).

The COO will lead our support team across Finance, IT, Marketing, HR and Admin as well as manage our relationships with external suppliers such as Legal, Insurance and Health & Safety.

Into the new COO role steps Sam Irvine, a business leader with proven capability in building a high performance culture. The theme of his career to date has been a passion for products and services which enable the use of technology to improve the way we do business and live our lives. Sam joins Isthmus fresh from Freeview where he spent ten years as Marketing Manager and then GM.
Sam is “passionate about working in ever changing, fast paced and fluid environments that are driven to uplift performance through people, profile and service offerings”.
Sam says Isthmus offers an “entrepreneurial environment with the vision to make a true difference in the lives of people. Of equal importance is a commitment to values and excellence. A passion for people is engrained in the culture.”
I’m really looking forward to working with Sam take our business to the next level.
Ralph Johns, CEO

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