Special Operations

10 Apr
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Isthmus is a design studio founded in landscape architecture, but we define landscape in the broadest possible terms; we don’t think in terms of boundaries.

At the NZILA’s Small Urban conference last week Isthmus sponsored one of the keynote speakers. Marco Casagrande shares our no boundaries view of the world, understands the importance of place and the power of integrated design thinking. But he takes the idea of the ‘rebel alliance’ to a whole other level!

Marco is a pluralist, a man of many talents. He’s a writer, and an architect. An artist and academic. An environmentalist and (if you believe Wikipedia) a Bosnian mercenary. Based in Finland, the Casagrande Laboratory has a global reach; his work has been realised in 14 countries. And he’s exhibited no less than five times at the Venice Architecture Biennale!

Marco’s talk was a highlight of the conference. He spoke of the Third Generation City, the post industrial ruined city in which nature can never be truly shut out; “Nature grows back, through the cracks in the wall, sucking humans nature back into the wider nature”.

I was especially intrigued that he talked about the way he works as a designer being akin to the operational practices of the special forces. With a CV like his, that might not be just a metaphor.

“You don’t know what your doing when you start. It is not standard operational procedures. We don’t do it by the book, often we often operate outside of the rules. It’s like a small group being dropped out of a C130 Hercules and parachuting down to the ground to make things happen, ahead of the other forces.

You need courage. You need to hook up with local people and get local knowledge, otherwise the whole operation is doomed. You look for local guys who are connected, in our case connected with nature.”


One Response to “Special Operations”

  1. ContrafedPublishing 10/04/2017 at 3:17 pm #

    Great analogy… Green Berets spring to mind here.

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