Petone to Melling Cycleway

18 May

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 5.52.01 PM (2)

The proposed Wellington to Hutt Valley Walking and Cycling Link (W2HV) will be a game-changing connection in Wellington region’s cycling and walking network. It offers a healthy and safe route around the harbour edge and beyond. This has long been a missing link for walkers and cyclists.

Pages from 4068 NZTA W2HV Open day info boards 2017 .15

The project is divided into three sections. NZTA are currently seeking public feedback on the Petone to Melling (P2M) section which includes an update on the Ngauranga to Petone (N2P) harbour edge section. The Wellington CBD to Ngauranga section will be delivered by Wellington City Council.

Isthmus have been working with NZTA, Aecom and Incite on the design of the N2P and P2M sections over the last couple of years. All going well, the P2M section will begin construction, and the preferred option for N2P will be out for public consultation before the end of the year. We’re looking forward to progressing this transformational project.



Project posters can be found here:


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