Te Hauauru Park

2 Jun

A new town centre is emerging at Westgate in West Auckland. In addition to Kopupaka Reserve our design team are also working on the adjoining ‘town park’ known as Te Hauauru.  The 1.1ha park will provide a green heart to the area and create quality open space to support the future growth of Westgate.

“With a proposed café, a large lawn for events, picnic lawns, a water feature for children to play in, and landscaping with native and cherry trees, the park will give shoppers and future residents a green, open space to enjoy,” says Henderson-Massey Local Board Chair Vanessa Neeson.

‘Kia toitu he kauri’ translates as ‘Keep Kauri Standing’ and is the catch phrase of the Kauri Dieback Programme. Following are a series of images used in the design process for the park’s water feature. The kauri relief pattern is embedded and emerges out of a sequence of ground planes within the water feature. The idea evolved through series of meetings with iwi where stories of shared histories around milling and gum digging surfaced – then concerns about Kauri and dieback.

The imprint suggests we think about water quality, wai mauri, wai tapu, wai ora, wai maori – awareness of where we tread – what rests beneath us – death, decay, growth, and then new life.

Hero 1

The following images depict the design process from 3D computer modelling to physical modelling and CAD drawings – of the water feature.

The photograph of the Kauri bark is transformed to a photoshop file and manipulated to form layers which are given height to create a unique fingerprint of the tree bark in digital terrain form. The process is then tested using our studio 3D printer to produce a number of test maquettes at 1:20 scale. Then a 1:1 scale 4.4m x 4.0m 3D routed MDF plug is crafted enabling a silicone rubber mould to be produced. This then allows pre-cast concrete panels to be produced that form the bottom of the water feature.

Hawkins Construction are building the park, due to be completed this spring. Isthmus have provided both architecture and landscape architecture services.



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