Innovations in Urban Pathways

14 Aug

This months LG (Local Government) Magazine contains an special feature on urban pathways. Taumanu Bridge features, as does our own Lisa Rimmer who is involved in the design and consenting of several Wellington cycleways. Extract below.


Urban pathways are morphing from functional facilities to recreational, creative and iconic infrastructure. And unlike expressways, communities rarely complain about having them on their doorstep. So should councils be doing more to embrace these developments? Patricia Moore talks with some of the people paving the way for a far more connected urban future.


Lisa Rimmer, an associate at Isthmus, also highlights the opportunity to celebrate and recognise the relationship of mana whenua.
She says iwi talk about “the power of the path” which is enabling “a step-change in terms of connectivity, contribution to the quality of the urban environment and helping build a sense of identity and community”.
Meanwhile, she says a focus on “bang-for-buck benefits” has been central to her firm’s work in realising the Wellington community’s vision for the Great Harbour Way along the edge of Te Whanganui a Tara (Wellington Harbour).
“A train footage-based simulation and feedback through social media have helped communities engage and help shape the various stages of the project.”
Demand for more and better pathways is a challenge for local bodies. Lisa believes cycling and walking initiatives will become more central to councils’ long-term plans.
Such initiatives will expand from recreation and transport solutions and benefits, to being a critical tool for local government to achieve their overall vision across a broader range of policies.
“We also see them bringing a requirement to cross boundaries, strengthening partnerships between national, regional and local authorities and communities,” says Lisa.




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